How to Get Rich

How to Get Rich

This will help you start a profitable business, step-by-step

I made this simple guide for myself after constantly getting distracted by day-to-day tasks and not focusing enough on the big picture

Give people a way to get from point A to point B

Make sure there are a lot of people at point A who want to get to point B

Make sure you have the ability to communicate with people at point A

Accurately describe both the problems of point A and benefits of point B so your audience feels like your understand their position

Make easy-to-follow instructions for how to get from point A to point B

Use these instructions to manually help people get from point A to point B

Ask for feedback from the people you helped

Improve your instructions based on the feedback you receive

Show the positive feedback you receive to the next people you’re planning to help

After you've tested your instructions and you're sure they work well, start charging money for them

Always remember when communicating: you’re selling the experience at point B

Your instructions and the journey itself are just ways to get there

Always treat the people you’re helping with the utmost respect — there’s more than one way to get to point B

If you’ve done your homework and point B is a valuable place to get to and your instructions are simple and reliable...

You will get rich.

Don’t get distracted by doing things the hard way with "get rich quick" gurus and tactics to trick your audience.

Just keep coming back to the basic question: how can I help someone achieve their goal today?

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